Who Is to Blame for Defective Roadways and Inadequate Traffic Signs in California?

car accident

Did you sustain injuries from a car crash caused by road defects?

If yes, you probably wonder who is liable for your sustained damages as there is no at-fault driver to sue.

Fortunately, you can make the government liable for failing to maintain road safety in such a case. You may prove that a governmental entity’s negligence caused a hazardous situation that resulted in a car crash.

Here’s what to know about suing the government for a car accident case.

Government Entity’s Liabilities for Accidents Caused by Road Defects or Inadequate Traffic Signs

The government is responsible for keeping the road safe by observing proper road maintenance and providing sufficient traffic signs. Failure with these responsibilities may result in unsafe road conditions that can cause accidents like:

  • Intersection collision because of malfunctioning traffic lights
  • Vehicle rolling over because of a pothole
  • A car crashed into a road construction site because of an inadequate traffic sign

A government entity thus commits negligence if it fails to keep road safety and causes devastating accidents.

It means you can file a civil lawsuit against the liable entity if you encounter a car crash because of road defects. This legal action allows you to claim compensation to cover injury-related financial losses and emotional suffering.

Facts to Prove When Suing a Government Entity in a Car Accident Case

car accident

While you can sue a government entity for a car crash, you must prove a few crucial facts for a successful case. Hiring a Glendale auto accident attorney will help you establish these complex points in a lawsuit:

1. Determine the Liable Party

Determining the liable party for the damages you sustain is vital when claiming compensation. In cases of accidents caused by road defects, you should sue the entity managing the said roadway.

For example, suppose you lose control of your vehicle after running on a pothole in the center of your city. You may claim compensation from the city government.

Consult your lawyer to determine the correct entity to sue.

2. The Negligence Caused The Damages

Suppose you have already determined the liable party for your case. You then must prove their negligence created a hazardous roadway condition causing the accident.

Following the example above, you must prove that:

  • The city government neglected proper road maintenance, causing the pothole to remain on the roadway
  • The pothole caused your car to crash and not other factors like distracted driving

You should thus gather evidence to prove that the crash resulted from a road defect or inefficient traffic signs, like:

  • Video Footage
  • Accident scene photos, like pictures of the pothole and your damaged car
  • Witness statements

3. Extent of the Damages You Sustain

Lastly, you must prove the extent of your sustained damages and injuries to determine the compensation amount you deserve. Remember that the benefits will cover your:

  • Medical expenses
  • Vehicle repair costs
  • Lost income
  • Pain and suffering

So, collect evidence like:

  • Medical documents like medical reports, prescriptions, and laboratory test results
  • Medical bills and medication receipts
  • Car repair bills
  • Employment records and payslips

A Glendale auto accident attorney will help determine the best evidence for your unique case.

Auto Accident Lawyer in Glendale for Taking Action Against a Government Entity

You may worry when a road defect has caused your car to crash as there’s no at-fault driver to sue. However, the points above will help you file a case against a liable government entity to claim your deserved benefits.

Hiring a Glendale auto accident attorney will help handle your complex case against the government and lead you to the best outcomes.

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