Five Tips for Avoiding a Head-On Collision


A head-on collision is one of the most devastating road accident types you should avoid. It occurs when two vehicles move toward each other in opposite directions and end up in a frontal crash. The opposing forces cause a more violent impact; thus, head-on collisions often lead to deadly outcomes.

Now, you may wonder how to avoid a head-on collision, especially since it’s hard to predict other drivers’ actions.

Knowing some crucial driving tips to help avoid this devastating car crash or minimize the damages it may cause is good.

How to Avoid a Head-On Collision

1. Drive Responsibly

Driving responsibly helps you avoid different road accidents. Remember that you owe a duty of care to other motorists and pedestrians, so you should never become negligent while driving.

Here are a few examples of how responsible driving helps avoid a head-on collision:

  • Don’t Overspeed so that you have better control over your car if another vehicle approaches you in the opposite direction.
  • Keep your focus on driving and avoid distractions like eating, reading, or answering a call. You may fail to notice an oncoming vehicle if distracted immediately. So, pull up on the side if you need to do other tasks.
  • Don’t drive when sleepy or drunk, as these body conditions impair your road perception. You may fail to see a vehicle running towards your car and cannot react on time.

However, sometimes other cars may cause accidents even if you drive responsibly. In that case, hiring a Glendale auto accident attorney will help you claim compensation from the at-fault driver.

2. Stay Calm

It’s easy to panic when you spot a car about to hit you in a head-on collision.

Being swayed by your emotions can lead to incorrect decisions that could cause an accident. For example, you may suddenly step on the gas to quickly get out of the way. However, speeding up could cause you to collide with an approaching car or crash into other vehicles on the road.

It’s thus crucial to stay calm and quickly think of the best step in that situation.

3. Get the Other Driver’s Attention

car accident

If you notice a car running towards you in the opposite direction, the first thing you should do is get its driver’s attention. Do this by honking your horn and flashing your headlights to inform them of your presence.

This action is helpful if the other driver is distracted or drowsy while driving.

4. Slow Down and Drive to the Right Lane

Slowly step on the brakes and drive your car to the right lane to avoid the approaching vehicle.

Slowing down gives better control of your car while avoiding a head-on collision. Moreover, driving to the right lane brings you to a safe area where other vehicles run in the same direction you are taking.

5. Aim for a Sideswipe

Some situations also make it impossible to avoid a head-on collision as other vehicles run on both sides.

In that case, carefully control your car, so the approaching vehicle hits your side instead of the front. While it won’t help you avoid the crash, this maneuver minimizes injuries and damages you may get.

Hire an Auto Accident Lawyer in Glendale for Head-On Collision Claims

A head-on collision may cause devastating damage, injuries, and even death. So, avoid these road accidents as much as possible to minimize the risks and consequences of an accident.

However, you should take appropriate action if another vehicle crashes into your car head-on. A Glendale auto accident attorney will help you claim the rightful compensation for significant injuries and damages you sustain.

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