Avoid These 5 Mistakes at Your Social Security Disability Hearing


Did the Social Security Administration (SSA) deny your disability benefits application?

Fortunately, you may still appeal the SSA decision through a disability hearing. Here, an administrative law judge (ALJ) will preside over your hearing, and you must prove to them you are eligible for the benefits.

The thing is that many people commit some critical mistakes in the proceedings leading to application denials and further hassles after the hearing.

Avoiding these five mistakes can help you get the benefits you deserve.

Mistakes to Avoid in Your Disability Hearing to Get the Benefits You Deserve

Here are the five common mistakes you must avoid in your disability hearing to increase your chances of getting approval:

1. Going without an Attorney

Always hire a professional Social Security benefits lawyer in Glendale to represent your case in a disability hearing. They will optimize your case and provide significant advantages like:

  • Help prepare your requirements before the hearing
  • Inform you about what to expect and say in the proceeding
  • Talk and argue on your behalf

Your case may fall apart without these advantages from a professional legal representative.

For example, the ALJ may ask you critical questions about your disability which you may find difficult to answer and convince the ALJ. However, a reliable attorney can easily explain your situation in the disability hearing.

2. Failure to Prepare Your Requirements


It’s crucial to compile all necessary documents before you attend the disability hearing, like:

  • SSA-3381 Form
  • Updated medical records
  • Updated residual functional capacity (RFC) form
  • Job worksheets
  • All communication documents with the SSA through your application
  • Expert witness statements, preferably from your physician
  • Witness statements from your relatives, friends, and coworkers

Updated documents are essential because they may provide additional support to prove your case after the initial denial with new information about your disability.

You have to submit some of these requirements before the disability hearing schedule. However, you may also supply particular documents at the start of the proceeding.

Ask your legal counsel for more advice on handling the requirements.

3. Saying Dishonest and Unnecessary Statements

Always remember that any form of dishonesty can damage your application, like false information and exaggerated disability claims. The ALJ will dismiss your case if they notice inconsistencies between your statements and the evidence they have on hand.

Moreover, don’t reveal any unsolicited information during the disability hearing, like:

  • Previous criminal case
  • Your family member receiving disability benefits
  • Drug addiction

These details may prove you don’t deserve the benefits and damage your application.

4. Disregarding Your Physician’s Advice

Always follow your doctor’s recommended medication and treatment plan for your recovery or rehabilitation.

Failure in doing so may prove you are not suffering from your disability. And thus, you don’t deserve disability benefits.

On a side note, collect all evidence that proves you are undergoing treatment and medications. For example, you may gather your pharmacy receipts and attach them to your hearing documents.

5. Any Form of Disrespect to the Court

You have to show respect to everyone at the disability hearing to convince the ALJ that you deserve the benefits. You additionally need to keep these quick points in mind:

  • Wear appropriate clothes
  • Arrive earlier than the scheduled time
  • Be polite when talking during the proceeding
  • Listen and don’t interrupt anyone while they talk

Hire a Glendale Social Security Benefits Attorney to Guide You in a Disability Hearing

You will want to get an SSA approval after the disability hearing. In addition to avoiding these five crucial disability hearing mistakes, consulting a social security benefits lawyer in Glendale helps get you your benefits.

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