Average Workers’ Compensation for Shoulder Injuries in Glendale

shoulder injury

In addition to the back and knee, the shoulder is another body part prone to workplace injuries. And various types of shoulder injuries may occur at work.
However, the compensation you receive for the injury varies, depending on your job, injury facts, and prognosis. Here’s a rundown of these possible injuries and average compensation.

Workers’ Compensation for Different Shoulder Injuries

It’s those who often lift heavy objects and twist who may strain and injure their shoulders. There’s also the risk of shoulder injuries in slip and fall accidents and employed drivers through car accidents.
These accidents impact the shoulder differently to lead to different injuries like:

1. Shoulder Impingement Injuries

rotator cuff tear

Shoulder impingement is common in middle-aged adults where the shoulder bones rub against the shoulder tendons or bursa. This is age-related degeneration, which coupled with a slip and fall can cause radiating pain and make simple tasks difficult.
Treatment is usually physical therapy and steroid shots, and worker compensation covers it, including all medical bills and lost wages.

2. Rotator Cuff Tears

Workers who regularly lift heavy items are at the risk of tearing rotator cuffs (tendons attaching shoulder muscles to the bones). It can cause severe, chronic pain while restricting motion and making specific jobs difficult.
Continuing to work through the pain only worsens the condition.
While most cases don’t require surgery, the quicker the treatment, the shorter the recovery time and treatment cost.

3. Fractures

Sometimes motor vehicle accidents and high-impact industrial accidents can lead to broken bones. And these fractures prevent you from doing some tasks and put you out of work for some time.
Simple fractures don’t usually require surgery.
It’s the complex or open fractures that end up in severe tissue damage and possible surgery. With surgery comes lost time at work and recovery time.
Factors affecting workers compensation settlements
There are certain limitations to workers compensation benefits like:

  • It doesn’t cover all your lost wages; only about two-thirds of your weekly average wages
  • No compensation for pain and suffering

While you can’t usually sue your employer for a work injury, it’s permissible in limited circumstances through a personal injury lawsuit. You can thus claim for pain and suffering, all damages, and your total wages.

Possible Medical Benefits


Workers’ compensation covers necessary medical expenses as long as your doctor documents the need for surgery and justifies your time off work.
However, the state’s workers’ compensation laws determine if the insurance company pays for chiropractic care or any alternate treatment.
Be careful while settling your workers’ compensation.
Most insurance companies ask you to waive your right to future medical care and offer a lump sum as a settlement. If you accept it, you cannot turn to workers’ comp for more money if you later develop medical complications requiring additional treatment.

Disability Wages

Some work shoulder injuries leave you with permanent partial or total disability.
In this case, you can request a scheduled settlement award upon reaching maximum medical improvement (MMI). This is the stage where your doctor says your shoulder injury won’t improve with treatment.
It’s your doctor who determines an impairment rating to decide on your disability percentage.
Most state workers’ compensation programs follow a loss-of-use schedule of injuries to calculate the settlements. The schedule has a fixed number of wage benefit weeks allocated for each body part.

A Glendale Workers Compensation Lawyer Can Help


You cannot claim the pain and suffering of a shoulder injury.
However, you can ensure compensation for your costs and a good portion of your lost wages.
But you need to claim on time as you have limited time to negotiate a workers’ comp settlement. State laws have strict deadlines for workers’ compensation claims.
So act soon if you or your loved one has suffered a work-related accident leading to a shoulder injury. A qualified workers’ compensation attorney in Glendale can help ensure your claim is on time.
They will also ensure you get your rightfully deserved compensation for your shoulder injury case.

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