Auto Negligence – A Prime Cause of Auto Accidents

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Auto negligence refers to carelessness while driving that triggers most car accident damages, injuries, and death. These consequences happen when one or more drivers breach the duty of care, resulting in car collisions or hitting pedestrians.

Now, when can you say that a driver has committed auto negligence?

What Are the Common Examples of Auto Negligence?

Read on to know more about this dangerous road carelessness.
4 Primary Reasons for Auto Negligence
Road negligence generally consists of these four elements:

  1. There was a duty of care or a driver’s responsibility to maintain safe driving to avoid harming others on the road.
  2. The driver breached their duty of care by committing a driving violation or by disregarding others’ welfare on the road.
  3. The driver’s negligence resulted in a road accident like a car collision or hitting a pedestrian.
  4. The accident caused property damages, personal injuries, or death.

You can sue a negligent driver who caused you injuries or damages to claim compensation. However, you must cooperate with the police investigation and hire a Glendale auto accident lawyer to prove your case.

Common Auto Negligence Examples

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Remember these auto negligence examples so you can consider them when you encounter a car accident:

1. Drunk Driving

Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is a form of negligence because the driver breached their duty of care. Drunk drivers tend to lose control and cause devastating accidents.

2. Driving When Fatigued

Driver should temporarily park their vehicle and rest if they feel sleepy or tired. Otherwise, they are likely to cause an accident if they unknowingly fall asleep while driving.

3. Tailgating

Tailgating refers to a rear driver driving too close to the front driver.

It’s dangerous because there is always the front driver’s chance to apply brakes for some reason or the other suddenly. The rear driver won’t have enough time to react and stop their car if this happens. Thus, they could cause rear-end collisions and become legally liable for them.

4. Distracted Drivin

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Drivers should keep their focus on the road and avoid accidents. They can become careless and make mistakes while driving if distracted by other tasks, like texting or eating.

5. Failure in Vehicle Maintenance

A driver is responsible for keeping their vehicle in good condition before driving. They should stop and check the car if they notice something wrong while driving. Otherwise, they are accountable if poor maintenance is the cause of the auto accident.

However, a driver is not liable for hidden preexisting faulty parts in the car. Instead, the driver and the auto accident victims could sue the car manufacturer for damages if their defective parts caused the accident.

6. Failure to Follow Other Traffic Rules

A driver is generally negligent if they disregard traffic rules and commit violations like:

  • Illegal u-turn
  • Overspeeding
  • Wrongway driving

Traffic rules protect motorists and pedestrians from accidents. Thus, always follow these rules to maintain road safety and avoid violations.

7. Running a Red Light

Some drivers run stoplights because they think they can make it through before the light turns red. However, they might end up crashing into another vehicle from the green light area instead.

It’s road negligence because the driver breached the duty of care by passing through the stoplight.

Handle a Road Negligence Case with an Auto Accident Attorney in Glendale

Auto negligence is a primary cause of road accidents that lead to devastating injuries and damages. Thus, remember that you can sue a negligent driver who hits you and defend yourself if you receive an auto negligence accusation.

A reliable Glendale auto accident lawyer can represent your case.

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