Do Auto Insurance Cover Bicycle Collisions?


Imagine riding your bicycle on the road, and a moving car hits you.

You may wonder if an insurance policy covers the injuries you sustain and your bike damages.

You also wonder if you can claim personal injury compensation from the car driver.

These questions worry you when you get involved in a car accident while riding a bike.

The good thing is that insurance policies can cover your financial difficulties due to the accident. The best Glendale auto accident lawyer can help you file a case and claim compensation too.

Insurance Policies that Apply in Bike Collision Accidents

There are a few applicable insurance policies to consider when a car hits you while on a bike.

1. Your Car Insurance Policy

Your car insurance policy can cover you if you are on a bike when a collision occurs.

Just remember that most auto insurance policies only cover bike collisions when you meet the following points:

  • There should be at least one automobile involved in the accident. If you’re on a bike, the other party should be a car, a van, or some other automobile.
  • Your auto insurance policy should include personal injury protection coverage or Med-Pay. This coverage also kicks in when you’re at fault while riding your bike.

Remember that each car insurance policy may have a different requirement to cover bike accidents. Talk with your insurance provider for more information about your policy. Consider increasing your car insurance coverage to include damages on your bike as well.

2. Car Insurance of the Automobile Driver

car accident

The automobile driver that hits you is liable for your injuries and damages. That means they should cover your medical expenses, bike repair bills, and lost wages, among other accident-related expenses.

However, you must prove that the other driver had committed a negligent act that resulted in the accident. That’s when a Glendale auto accident lawyer can help you.

Claiming Personal Injury Compensation for a Bike Accident

California law generally protects the well-being of cyclists and pedestrians on the road. And as long as you follow bicycle road riding rules, you can claim compensation when an automobile hits you while riding a bike.

Here are a few examples of possible bike accidents where the cyclist can claim compensation:

  • A cyclist was cycling on the bike lane when a car turned right and hit the bicycle.
  • A moving truck too near the bike lane knocked off the bicycle rider.
  • The driver of a parked car hits a cyclist while opening the door.

In those cases, the automobile driver’s negligence caused the bike accident. That is why these cyclists can claim injury compensation.

However, cyclist is at fault if they wander off the bike lane, and a moving vehicle hits them. In that case, the cyclist generally cannot claim compensation from the automobile driver.

California follows Comparative Fault Law, where all involved parties in an accident share compensation for liabilities.

For example, a car driver who is 100% at fault needs to pay 100% compensation to the cyclist. However, if the car driver is only 80% at fault, they cover only a portion of the payments.

That’s why you need a professional attorney to optimize your compensation claim for the bike accident.

Hire the Best Auto Accident Attorney in Glendale for Your Bike Accident Case

You deserve the right insurance coverage and compensation when you are caught in an accident while riding a bike. Severe injuries that result from bike collisions can cost a lot, and bicycles are expensive to repair or replace.

So, call a Glendale auto accident lawyer immediately if you get involved in a bicycle accident.

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