8 Reasons For A Glendale Personal Injury Lawyer To Turn Down Your Lawsuit

personal injury lawyers

Have you ever thought about why a Glendale Personal Injury Lawyer refuses to fight your case?

A case you thought would get you reasonable compensation as you were severely injured in the car accident?

And it was the other party’s fault that got your vehicle badly damaged, which led you to a heavy financial loss?

If yes, you are not alone.

It happens to many people, and for the following reasons:

1. The Statute Of Limitations Expired

statute of limitation

This is the most important reason for a lawyer refusing your case. Every state has a different time limit (Statute Of Limitations) for filing personal injury claims.

California’s Statute of limitations on personal injury claims is two years from the date of the injury.

It means that you lose your right to sue the responsible party if you fail to file your claim within that time frame.

2. Insufficient Amount Of Damage

The amount of money awarded in a personal injury case depends on the damages that the plaintiff suffers.

A personal injury lawyer generally works on a contingency fee basis. It means that they receive a certain percentage of the total settlement or verdict. If the awarded amount is low, it may not justify their spending a lot of time on the case.

3. The Injuries Are Not Serious Enough

One of the significant factors of taking up or turning down your case depends on the severity of your injury. An attorney may refuse to take your case if your injuries are minor.
It’s because the expected monetary compensation and their contingency fees will likewise be minimal.

4. The Defendant Is Unable To Pay Money


The attorney is less likely to be paid if the Defendant cannot pay the amount awarded by the court. So the chances are that the attorney could turn down your lawsuit in the first place.

5. Maintaining The Ethic Of Legal Profession

Most lawyers believe in conducting an honest and fair deal. So they will handle your case only if they feel your case is strong enough to get you a favorable verdict.
If it isn’t, they may consider refusing it instead of wasting their valuable time and resources on it.

6. Lack Of Trust

Sometimes lack of trust or mutual understanding between the attorney and the client leads to the lawyer rejecting the case. They generally avoid future complications, especially if the lawyer feels that the client does not trust him.

7. Setting Unrealistic Value For Your Claim

A personal injury lawyer works hard to get you a fair verdict. However, at times, setting unrealistic and unreasonable claims for your injuries makes things difficult for them.

8. Lack Of Evidence

lack of evidence

You need well-documented evidence to get well-deserved compensation in your personal injury case. The types of evidence you need include your medical report, the photographs of your injury, police report, etc.

The problem lies with time-sensitive evidence like photos of the actual accident spot or injury. Your lawyer may find proving your case difficult in the absence of this type of evidence.

This lack of evidence thus is another possible reason for their declining your case.

There may be other reasons that make your case less potential for the law to pass a verdict in your favor.

Now you know why your personal injury attorney in Glendale may be refusing to handle your case. It is left to you to analyze the reasons and find out precisely what the reason is.

And do what you can to make them accept your case and claim your rightfully deserved compensation.

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