7 Types of Safety Technology That Can Help Prevent Distracted Driving Accidents

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There’s no doubt that technology is the root for many distracted driving car accidents. It’s proven by the fact that more than 3000 die in car crashes involving distracted drivers each year.
Some drivers tend to text and drive or even check emails, maps, or websites while driving. Then there’s also the chance of arguments, eating, and drinking as distractions triggering accidents.
However, the good news is that experts believe that the following technology can also help reduce distracted driving accidents.

Vehicle Safety Technologies That Prevent Distracted Driving Car Wrecks

1. Forward Collision Warning Mechanism

forward collision warning mechanism

Cars with this application have warning sensors located in the front region of the vehicle. It is these sensors that go off whenever the vehicle is too close to another car or object.
These warning systems can in turn help reduce the frequency of rear-end collisions by about 25%.

2. An Automatic Emergency Braking Mechanism

There’s always a risk of motorists panicking and not applying brakes on time when rapidly approaching another vehicle or object. It’s in situations like this that the automatic emergency braking mechanism works.
These systems take over to apply the brake, and avoid a crash or slow down the vehicle. This mechanism, with the forward collision warning mechanism, can considerably reduce the chances of serious accidents.

3. Fatigue Detection Systems

Some cars have drowsy driver detection devices which use sensors to detect the signs of a tired driver. The driver can safely pull over if the vehicle emits subtle warnings. It means that the device detects a drowsy driver.

4. Lane Departure Warning System

lane departure warning system

The latest vehicle has this system that emits an audible beep to alert drivers who may cross lanes. These systems are programmed to automatically deactivate when the right or left indicator is on. So there’s no worry about the beep going off every time you switch lanes or turn.

5. An Application That Blocks Notifications

Motorists always want to answer a ringing Smartphone, even if they know it’s wrong. This is where these applications work.
With the application installed, motorists no longer need to switch off their phones to avoid disturbing ringing smartphones. The application helps prevent all this by disabling all notifications.

6. Hands-Free Devices

Some drivers need to constantly make calls and connections even while driving and without stopping their car. A Bluetooth-enabled, hands-free device like a speaker reduces distracted driving risks.
The good news is that many of the latest vehicles come with this feature.

7. Equipment That Senses Blood Alcohol

Despite knowing it’s dangerous to drive if drunk, some drivers still do it. It’s because they feel they are sober enough, and that they have low blood alcohol content. This technology can accurately detect blood alcohol content prove them wrong and thus can help prevent DUIs.

Effect of Distracted Driving Safety Technology on Insurance

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Many people wonder if these safety technologies lead to a reduction in their insurance rates. Well, there’s no straightforward answer to it. It’s because some insurance providers consider these safety devices while others do not.
It’s better to look around and compare multiple providers’ rates before selecting the insurance coverage and rates.

What to Do After a Distracted Driving Auto Accident

You have the right to contact your Glendale auto accident lawyer if a distracted driver hits you. Your attorney can help put pieces together and negotiate with the insurance provides to get you the highest possible settlement arrangement.
In short, you can focus on recovering while your auto accident attorney in Glendale handles your case and represents you in court!

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