7 Signs You Should Get a Workers’ Comp Lawyer

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Having a legal expert by your side is helpful when making a workers’ comp claim in California.

However, they become more valuable when you’re case is in an unfavorable situation. Finding yourself in any of these situations means you should seek the advice of the best Glendale workers’ compensation lawyer right away.

1. You’ve Sustained a Permanent Disability


Employers and their insurance carriers don’t want to face permanent disability compensation cases. That is because it demands a significantly high payment obligation from them for a long time. That’s why they want to prove that you have a lower permanent disability rating to decrease their financial responsibilities.

A professional attorney can help you avoid lower settlement in a permanent disability case. For example, they can prove you have a higher PD rating than what the insurance provider claims.

2. Your Employer Makes the Claim Filing Process Difficult

There’s a process to file for workers’ compensation. Your employer should provide the correct claim form to fill. They should then submit it to the state workers’ compensation board and file an insurance claim to their provider.

Remember that the process should be complete within 30 days of sustaining an injury. Otherwise, you won’t get the compensation you deserve.

That’s why some employers intentionally miss the deadline. For example, they make delays or give reasons that your injury isn’t work-related.

This is when you need to consult a local workers’ compensation attorney in Glendale. They can help you take the right legal actions against your employer when necessary.

3. The Insurance Provider Won’t Pay the Compensation You. Deserve

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Insurance companies want to avoid or minimize financial liabilities. That’s why they often resort to clever tactics to deny your claim or lower down your compensation.

And that’s why you should get a lawyer who can help you handle insurance providers. They know most of the tactics insurance carriers make. So, they can thus keep you away from low settlement offers.

4. Your Employer Retaliates Against You

An employer cannot fire, demote, or force an injured worker to return to work without valid reasons. However, some employers make such steps against their workers who file compensation claims.

Connect with a professional attorney immediately if you find yourself in such a situation. They will help you take the proper legal action against your employer.

7. You Want to Claim Social Security Disability Insurance

The SSDI is helpful when you sustain an injury at work. However, workers’ comp can reduce the SSDI amount.

A professional lawyer can help you get the best SSDI.

5. You Have a Preexisting Condition

Be careful if you were injured at the same spot where you had a preexisting condition. It is common for insurance carriers to claim that the old injury was the cause of the problem and not the accident.

You need the help of a legal expert to prove that your preexisting condition didn’t contribute to your new injury. And to help you get the rightful compensation for your case.

6. You Want to File a Third-Party Claim

living arrangements on your SSI benefits

Filing a third-party claim means you want to take legal actions against somebody other than your employer.

For example, when you want to take action against a co-worker who had caused your work-related injury. You may also want to take legal action if the insurance carrier isn’t ready to pay your deserved compensation.

Remember that you need to hire an attorney for any case that you want to bring to court.

Hire a Workers’ Compensation Attorney in Glendale

The situations mentioned above can put you at a disadvantage where you will receive a low compensation settlement. However, having a Glendale workers’ compensation attorney by your side can help you handle them to reap fruitful results.

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