Top 7 Questions Your Glendale Personal Injury Lawyer will Advise you To Ask Your Doctor


It’s no doubt that a full recovery is your aim after an accident.

You will also want to make a personal injury claim to get your deserved compensation to pay for all the accident-related expenses. It includes hospital and medical bills, and any physical therapy or treatment you require.

Not many realize that their doctor visits are essential in helping them win their deserved compensation.

These appointments let you learn about your injuries and document your losses, which are essential for demanding fair compensation for your injuries.

Asking the right questions helps you get the most out of your doctor visits.

Your Glendale personal injury lawyer can help you ask the right questions to get the information required to recover and successfully bring a claim.

Based on their experience, there are seven essential questions they will advise you to ask your doctor.

1. What Is the Extent of My Injuries?

Your doctor will only give a brief explanation of your injuries.

You get the details only if you ask.

Don’t hesitate to ask follow-up questions and note down everything for future reference.

2. Will My Injuries Lead to Future Problems? Will I Require Physical Therapy?

You may require future care and treatment like physical therapy. It’s not enough to give your opinion while making your personal injury claim. The jury will want to hear what future medical treatment and expenses you will have to endure through a medical professional.

3. How Long Will the Pain and Suffering Be?

You have a right to claim compensation for all the genuine physical pain and mental anguish you suffer because of the accident.

The jury will want to know how much pain you are in; and how long it will last to decide on your compensation.

Your doctor is the only person who can give you an estimation of what to expect.

4. Will I be able to Return to My Job?

personal injury

Yes, you can also claim for lost wages after a personal injury.

The person responsible for inflicting your harm and injury should be responsible if you can’t work because of the injuries. However, they will also dispute that you cannot return to work.

Your doctor’s evidence that you can’t work is what lies in your favor here. It’s also better to ask your doctor for an estimate of how long you will be out of work.

5. Can You Provide My Medical Record Copies?

It’s better to ask your doctor for copies of your medical records.

It helps your attorney build a better case by identifying any gaps and deciding if there are any additional questions to ask. This knowledge proves helpful if the other side asks for a copy of the records too.

Your attorney will be ready with already be aware of any gaps.

6. Is the Other Side Responsible for My Injuries?

To make a claim, you first need to prove that the other side’s actions caused your injury.
The other side, in turn, may claim that your injuries were because of a pre-existing condition.

Presenting a medical expert who testifies the cause of your injuries can prove helpful in your case.

7. Do I Need to Consult a Specialist?

Sometimes your doctor may require that you see a specialist for a more specific diagnosis or treatment. It helps your case in two ways.

It provides complete information about your injuries, and the specialist can also give stronger evidence to back up your doctor’s assertions.

A Visit to Your Glendale Personal Injury Lawyer Is as Important as a Visit to Your Doctor

You not only need an attorney’s help for a successful personal injury claim.

You also need to visit your doctor for evidence to show your jury what your injuries are, your treatment plan, and future treatment requirements.

Your doctor and personal injury lawyer Glendale will together work at presenting complete evidence towards a fair result for you.

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