6 Tips for Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer in Glendale

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Was it a car accident? Or is it a problem with a hip replacement surgery? No matter what the injury, you will want the best personal injury lawyer in Glendale to represent you.
However, the problem is that there are so many options that you don’t know who to hire.
You can’t precisely judge a lawyer’s competence by their professional website because anyone can make one, or hire someone to do it. So a professional-looking website is not a surefire means of selecting the right Glendale personal injury attorney.
You can instead use these six tips to make a choice.

1. Ask for References from Friends and Family

There’s no better way to judge a person’s capabilities than through personal experience. Ask friends and family who have been had an attorney represent them in the past for references.
If you don’t know anyone who has recently hired a lawyer, ask the pastor, or someone influential. They keep in contact with lots of people and know about the positive and negative experiences people have during legal challenges.

2. Make a Phone Call

It’s time to do some research online once you have a list of probable Glendale personal injury lawyers ready. Look for reviews and see what pops up about each firm.
Find out what others have to say online about different lawyers.
All this information helps you narrow down your list, which is when you can try calling them.
Though you can submit your case via the website, a phone call is more interactive and informational. You get to see how the firm operates, their competency and thus decide if the office is right for you.
Don’t hesitate to ask them any question, even the awkward ones. Remember, you will be spending lots of time with your Glendale personal injury lawyer. So spend some talking with them to find out how comfortable you are with them.
Lastly, ask questions to find out more about the lawyer’s training and how much legal experience they have.

3. Always Discuss Fees Before Signing


Never take anything for granted.
Ask about fees upfront because transparency is necessary, even while discussing cases with your lawyer. Most personal injury attorneys in Glendale work on a contingency basis.
They are accordingly paid about a third of the eventual judgment or settlement you receive, plus some additional office expenses. To clarify what the lawyer means by contingency basis.
Also, understand all the attorney’s fee statements from the start, and get all fee agreement in writing.

4. Additional Online Research

There is some further useful research you can perform online about Glendale personal injury lawyers.
With each state having its local bar association and all attorneys registered in their databases, you can find out all you want. To find out if they are licensed and are in good standing with the state where the accident had occurred.
You can even find out if there are any complaints or disciplinary measures leveled against them.

5. Don’t Ignore Your Gut Instinct

Always select the personal injury lawyer genuinely interested in your case and well being. Many attorneys accept cases only for their value and make decisions based on your recovery.
Besides, the lawyer should be real and honest about your case. They should give you an honest review of both your weak and strong points. It always helps if you trust your gut instinct while selecting your attorney.
If you feel that something’s not right, then you can move onto to another lawyer, even after the representations has started.

6. Amount of Personal Attention

Last but not least, find out if the lawyer will be personally representing your case.
Many lawyers advertise that they will fight for you, but in reality, they have not even fought a single case. It’s because they refer all their cases to someone else.
Avoid lawyers who cannot speak to you or even five minutes a day and has a secretary or paralegal do all the talking. If they can’t give you attention now, how do you expect them to attend to you when the case starts?
There you go!
These six tips should be more than enough to help you find the best Glendale personal injury lawyer to represent your case!

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