6 Mistakes to Avoid While Seeking Social Security Disability Insurance in Glendale

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Did you know that most social security disability benefits applications face rejection because the program cannot accommodate the requests received?
Why? It’s because the SSDI doesn’t depend on the disabled applicant’s income. Any legally and medically proven disabled person of any income level can receive SSDI.
So the payout is determined only after strictly reviewing and analyzing all applications. They are checked based on various factors like if the paperwork is right if the applicants have paid taxes and for how long.
The strict review and analysis is the main reason why you cannot afford to make mistakes that can lead to a rejected application. So here is a list of mistakes your social security disability attorney in Glendale urges you to avoid while seeking SSDI approval.

1. Accepting Unemployment Benefits

You will only end up jeopardizing your chances of an SSDI approval by collecting unemployment benefits.
It’s because no matter how much you receive as benefits, it casts doubts about your need for financial aid from the SSDI. You send a message that you have assistance if you continue collecting unemployment benefits. It also means you aren’t in dire need of SSDI benefits.

2. Continue Working

The whole purpose of SSDI benefits is to provide financial help to people who can’t work because of their disabilities. Your being able to work indicates that your disability isn’t crippling enough to warrant SSDI benefits.
You can still earn a living and have no need or reason to apply for SSDI benefits. No matter if your earnings do or do not make ends meet, being able to work leads to a direct SSDI rejection.

3. Forgetting to Check the Application Status

Yes, indeed, most applications end up rejected than approved. However, this doesn’t imply that you needn’t keep checking your application status.
You need to keep track because you can appeal if your application is rejected on the first attempt. You may miss the critical opportunity for an appeal or hearing if you don’t keep checking your application status.

4. Insufficient Preparations

The biggest mistake most SSDI applicants make is inadequate preparation and collection of records. The chances of your application getting approved are minuscule if your paperwork isn’t in order.

5. Not Considering the Disability Effects on the Mind


The physical implications of injuries like losing a limb or a crucial physical ability are quite obvious.
However, did you know that a physical disability can also affect your mental health?
Yes, the mind is an integral part of the body any physical disability can lead to problems like depression. Understanding what happens to your mind and articulating it in the application can help in your application approval.
Failure to mention this is another common mistake many SSDI benefits applicant makes.

6. Absence of Professional Help

You can indeed represent yourself while filing for SSDI. However, the chances of an approved SSDI application are higher if you have a professional Glendale social security disability attorney helping you.
They have the resources and knowledge to get your SSDI claim accepted. They can help you avoid the mistakes mentioned here, like ensuring your paperwork is in order and tracking your application.
They will also guide you in filing the claim and about what you should and shouldn’t do.
Besides, you can still apply for a hearing if your application is rejected, but within a specific time. Failure to apply on time leads to the chance of your losing your SSDI approval.
It is your social security disability attorney in Glendale who guides you through your application and further action in case of a rejection.

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