4 Tips to Help You Win Social Security Disability Benefits Reconsideration

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Did you file for social security disability, only to end up with it denied?
If yes, you are not the only one with a denied claim.
Most of the claims that go through the Social Security Administration end up rejected.
It’s because the application process for social security disability benefits does not comprise a single, easy step. It is a three-step appeals process where the first step is the social security disability reconsideration phase.
However, understanding the process lets you know the reason for the denial of your claim in the first place.

Social Security Disability Reconsideration


This is the first step in the application process that is quite similar to your initial claim process. You will be submitting your appeal to the same review team but with different members. It is their job to analyze your request and reach a conclusion.
Just like your first appeal, it is highly likely that the SSA will deny your disability reconsideration appeal. You can, however, improve your chances of getting your reconsideration approved by following a few tips.
Tips to improve the approval of your social security disability benefits reconsideration

1. Submit the Proper, Relevant Paperwork

The most crucial tip to remember to win your disability reconsideration appeal is filing the proper paperwork. They include the:

  • Reconsideration Disability Report
  • Request for Reconsideration form from the SSA
  • Papers authorizing you to disclose information to the SSA

2. Vital Additional Evidence


Lack of evidence is one of the main reasons for SSA denying your SSDI claim. So the best way you can avoid a denial is by providing additional supporting evidence to prove your case.
This is important because the Disability Determination Services (DDS) will not have enough evidence to overrule the original denial without it.
As your physician will be uploading your medical records as proof, it is not enough to just share the documents. You also need to make sure the DDS will be able to access them.

3. Be on Time

Remember that you only have 60 days from the date listed in the SSA denial form to file your disability appeal.
So make sure you are on time and don’t miss the deadline.
You will have to repeat the whole claim process once again if you do.
Many people make the mistake of waiting till the last day to submit their paperwork.
Do not make the same mistake.
The sooner you are in filing your application, the quicker you will hear the SSA’s decision. The fact that you are so determined and punctual in applying for reconsideration may also improve the chances of approval!

4. Benefits of Hiring a Glendale Social Security Benefits Attorney


Remember that your reconsideration appeal goes through about the same steps as your original appeal. So there is a high risk of the SSA not approving your reconsideration appeal.
In addition to the tips mentioned above, hiring an experienced and licensed social security benefits attorney improves your chances of approval.
Your social security benefits lawyer in Glendale knows the laws in and out. They thus know which additional convincing documents to use to help strengthen your case.
Besides, your lawyer will ensure you stick to SSA’s deadline. So there’s no risk of late submission and a need to go through the entire process again.
You anyway have nothing to lose as most lawyers in Glendale offer a free initial case evaluation consultation. It’s for them to assess your case, clear your doubts and determine how good a chance your claim has for approval.

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