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Are you injured in an auto accident? At My Lawyer Glendale we can review and calculate the value of your claim. Our attorney will consider the medical bills that you had to pay, the time missing from work, who was at fault and the circumstances of the accident. Give us a call 1 (818) 574-4441 or fill out the form below for a free consultation with the Glendale car accident attorney. But before that, you may want to know more about car accident law. This article is exactly about that.

Auto Accident Law in Glendale, CA

womam suffered injuries after accidentNo matter how careful you are on the roads, car accidents may happen because of the negligence of other drivers. When you face such a situation, you may need to take legal action to recover your damages. By damages, we mean anything that takes away from your income, including prescription drug costs, medical bills, lost wages, etc.

These are common vehicle accident injuries:

  • Fatal accidents or wrongful death
  • Whiplash injuries
  • Injuries to spinal cord or head.

You may get into these types of accidents:

  • Rear-end crashes
  • 18-wheeler trucking accidents
  • Head-on collisions
  • Car and SUV accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents

Luckily there are laws that protect you from auto accident injuries and other types of personal injuries in Glendale, CA. These laws entitle you to financial compensation which may be imposed on the person or company that caused the accident. On an important note, to be able to prove your case, you need to have as much evidence as possible. To clarify, you cannot have too much evidence. For this reason, you need to record visits to the doctor, the number of hours missed from work, etc.
These are some of the factors that courts consider when deciding whether or not the driver was negligent.

  • The driver may have used alcohol or drugs.
  • The driver may have disregarded traffic conditions.
  • The driver may have failed to signal while turning.
  • Accident was caused by car malfunctioning.
  • The driver may have disobeyed traffic signs.
  • The driver may have driven above or below the posted speed limit.

Why Apply to Auto Accident Lawyer When you Face a Car Accident?

rear end crush in GlendaleWhen you file a claim, you need to be prepared. The first thing the judge will try to find out is whether or not the driver was negligent. Meantime, your lawyer will go through a number of circumstances to prove that the accident happened due to the carelessness of another driver. The attorney may go through police reports, state traffic laws, and witnesses.
Whatever the reason for the car accident you incurred, you need to hire an experienced Glendale auto accident attorney to take care of your case. Meanwhile, you may find answers to some of your questions here or from other resources. However, hiring a lawyer with experience in handling car accident injuries is critical. Accordingly, the best move is to hire someone who is already practicing such claims. With this in mind, you need to do that as soon as possible. The amount of time to file a claim after an accident is limited. Read on to know why to hire an attorney at My Lawyer Glendale.

Why Hire My Lawyer Glendale for Your Car Accident Claim?

car accident lawThe good news is that at My Lawyer Glendale you don’t take upfront payments. To clarify, we work on a contingency basis meaning that we charge our clients only if we win the case. In addition, you are eligible for a free consultation to find out who was at fault and whether another driver was negligent.

Whether it’s you or your loved one who suffered a car accident injury you need to get professional legal help. Get answers to some important questions to recover justice.
Call our experienced attorney for a free consultation. We will review your case and come up with recommendations on how to move forward. Call us at 1 (818) 574-4441 or fill out the form below.

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